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OPPO's Commitment to "Inspiration Ahead"

Rooted in the core value of “Benfen”, which encourages doing the right thing and maintaining an open mind in the pursuit of truth, OPPO’s ethos extends from its product history. Since introducing its first mobile phone, “Smiley Face”, in 2008, OPPO has remained dedicated to spreading optimism and inspiration worldwide through technology. “Inspiration Ahead” embodies OPPO’s outlook on the current global landscape and resonates with the community it seeks to empower. In an era marked by challenges and uncertainty, embracing “Inspiration Ahead” signifies faith in a promising future. Just as OPPO urges individuals to confront difficulties with courage, the company remains committed to upholding quality over speed. OPPO aligns with the aspirations of its vast community, aiming to empower them and contribute positively to society through innovation and technology. With nearly 20 years of experience and undergoing three transformations across four eras, OPPO continues to cultivate its capabilities and strives to inspire progress.

Technical Specifications

Screen Size
Operating System


162.9 x 74 x 8.28mm

6.74 inches

Front: 32 MP, 5P Lens
Rear: 50 MP, 6P Lens

ColorOS 13.1

12GB RAM + 256 GB ROM


165.65 x 75.98 x 7.99mm

6.72 inches

Front: 8 MP, 4P Lens
Rear: 50 MP, 5P Lens

ColorOS 13.1

6GB RAM + 128 GB ROM


163.74 x 75.03 x 8.16mm

6.5 inches

Front: 5 MP, 3P Lens
Rear: 50 MP, 5P Lens

ColorOS 13.1

4GB RAM + 128 GB ROM

Find N2 Flip

166.2 x 75.2x 7.45mm

6.8 inches

Front: 32 MP, 5P Lens
Rear: 50 MP, 7P Lens

ColorOS 13.0

8GB RAM + 256 GB ROM

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